General Profile

General Profile

Adnan KAR, a young heir of Nurel Group, returned after completing his "Textile Technology Engineering" education in USA, decided to invest in healthcare sector with his brother Şefik KAR, the chairman of the board for Nurel Group. KAR brother, who foresee that technical textile and other single use medical products like disposable non-woven products will play an important role in the future, founded Nurel Medical Inc. in 2004, joined by Nurel Group. The company, after starting with the manufacturing of single use medical consumables, also added single use surgical plastic products to its product range. Still continuing its activity in a total 5.000 m2 large top class establishment, 3.000 m2 of it being hygienic and anti-bacterial clean rooms (complies with class 100.000 standards)

Brand in medical textile, Euroset®


Euroset is the leader in Turkish market with its disposable medical textile product range, including surgical gowns, drapes and sets. Today, these products are exported to 32 different countries, and the share from the global market is growing day by day with new customers.

Nurel Medical, Euroset brand, with its fastest response to customer demand; next-generation technology, total quality management system, innovation and lean manufacturing principles adopted by an experienced management team and trained employees, is moving rapidly towards its goal of becoming one of the key players in the global market.